Who We Are

We are the UCF chapter of the national Secular Student Alliance, or SSA.

SSAatUCF attending the American Humanist Association Conference in 2015

The Secular Student Alliance at UCF provides secular Knights a supportive, welcoming, and involved community. Our activities enrich and empower students through social and recreational opportunities, professional development and personal growth, and leadership opportunities. We engage in positive activism for political change that promotes inclusion for all faith and non-faith individuals. We volunteer in the community to make a difference together out of kindness and compassion for humanity. We promote scientific research, critical analysis of all subjects, and secular values.

We recognize that many Secular Americans on our campus and in our culture seek inner-life support from a Humanist values perspective. We face both the same challenges as everyone else and additional challenges because of our non-religious identity. In addition to peer support, we partner with the UCF Humanist Chaplain to host a support and discussion group each month.

Secular Student Alliance is a great place to meet other students on campus, get involved, and make friends.

What We Stand For

The underlying purpose of Secular Student Alliance is to build a society in which the ideals of critical thinking and scientific inquiry, secularism, democracy, and human-based ethics flourish. While there are many national and regional secular organizations, SSA focuses on building community and resources specifically serving the needs of high school and college students.


We organize, unite, educate, and serve students and student communities that promote the ideals of scientific rationality, secularism, democracy, and human-based ethics. We aim to encourage critical thinking and erode faith-related discrimination, bullying, inequity, and misconceptions that negatively impact Secular Americans.



Noah Topper

Vice President

Jakob Barber


Gage Lucas


Eric Fish